Changing My Hair Color: Faded Purple to Rose Gold & Lavender

I recently changed my hair color and I documented the process! Here are my tips and thoughts about removing and re-coloring my hair. 

Let’s go back in time really quickly and figure out what was in my hair initially. Sometime in November, my friend lightened and colored my hair. She used Schwarzkopf lightener (which lightened my hair more than we expected) and applied vibrant purple, pink, and blue into my hair using Pravana Vivids.

The color came out beautifully but I didn’t feel like myself because the color was so dark. If I had known how light my hair lightened, I would’ve gone straight into getting pastel pink hair. If you ever find yourself changing your hair color, don’t settle for any color because you don’t think your hair will lighten enough. Just wait it out a bit and go through the process slowly.

Slow and steady wins the race.

After that, my hair started to fade and so I decided to use Joico’s Color Eraser to remove the previous color from my hair. From there, I applied a dark purple to my hair to cover up any bleach mistakes that happened during the lightening process from before.


Surprisingly, that lasted a while.

Eventually the color started to fade because I shampooed my hair often to rid of the color – which leads me to this post.

Before you use a color remover, like Malibu Professional’s DDL, it is best to condition your hair and keep it as healthy as possible (as healthy as lightened hair can be). After I applied the DDL onto my hair and washed it out, my hair felt like straw. Since my hair was extremely coarse, I used a conditioning mask to mediate the damage that the DDL caused.

To create the pastel color, I mixed the semipermanent color (in this case, Wild Orchid and Pink from Pravana) with conditioner. I placed the darker color close to the root of my hair and the lighter color at the ends to create a color melting effect. That color/conditioning treatment helped with the integrity of my hair and made it slightly softer.

If you’d like to watch the process, you can click on the video below! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!


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