Dyeing Leather Shoes Tutorial

Have you ever had a pair of leather shoes that faded or were just a bit too beat up for your liking? What if I told you that with a flick of a dauber (and a few other things), you can change your shoes to a different color! Here is my tutorial for dyeing your leather shoes to a darker color!

Here are the materials that you need:

A pair of shoes, a pair of gloves, masking tape, deglazer, leather dye, resolene, a wool dauber, a q-tip, a damp sponge, and a rag

1. Make sure that your shoes are clean and are free of debris. Take off any laces that are on your shoes. Tape off areas where you don’t intend to dye.

2. Take your rag and dip it into the deglazer. Rub the damp rag all over the shoes. You are trying to remove the finish from what was previously on the shoes.


3. Take your wool dauber and dip it into the dye. Carefully run the dauber across the shoes. Note: For more detailed areas, use a q-tip.

4. Add a second layer to enrich the color of the shoes after the first coat has dried.


5. After the dye dries, dip your damp sponge into the resolene and run it across the shoes. This will ensure that your shoes are flexible, durable, and water-resistant.

6. Take off the tape that you applied on the shoes.


VOILA! The color of your shoes should be as good as new!

Extra Steps:

7. If you would like your shoes to have a more glossy appearance, grab some shoe polish! Dip your applicator into the product and rub all over the shoes in concentric circles.

8. After you’ve applied the polish, take a cloth and rub the shoes to create a more glossy and polished look!


Thank you for reading this tutorial! If you’d like to watch the process, feel free to watch the video below. Good luck with dyeing your shoes!


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